[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] New version letux-pvrsrvkm-v5.6.0-rc1 available

Tony Lindgren tony at atomide.com
Sun Feb 16 22:41:17 CET 2020


* H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com> [200211 13:28]:
> A new version of our holistic PVR/SGX driver is available
> Kernel: v5.6.0-rc1
> Result: letux-pvrsrvkm-v5.6.0-rc1 (rebased on v5.6.0-rc1)
> Result: letux-pvrsrvkm (linear history)
> Github: https://github.com/openpvrsgx-devgroup/linux_openpvrsgx/branches

For next branch you rebuild, can you please just leave out
the "-rc" part from the branch name?

If this branch was letux-pvrsrvkm-v5.6 instead of the
current letux-pvrsrvkm-v5.6.0-rc1, you could just do:

$ git merge v5.6-rc2

When kernel gets updated, and also when v5.6 gets
tagged, just merge it in and that's it :) Then make
the next branch letux-pvrsrvkm-v5.7 instead of
letux-pvrsrvkm-v5.7-rc1 to start with..

I guess you could just fix this without rebasing for
v5.6 with:

$ git checkout -b letux-pvrsrvkm-v5.6

And that way any branches based on the current
letux-pvrsrvkm-v5.6.0-rc1 are still valid. But now
if you go rebase patches again anybody with patches
on top of it will need to scramble again.



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