[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] New version letux-pvrsrvkm-v5.6.0-rc1 available

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Feb 18 19:31:35 CET 2020

> Am 18.02.2020 um 19:08 schrieb H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com>:
> Basically the idea would be to transplant v5.6-rc2..letux-pvrsrvkm-v5.6.0-rc2
> onto this branch. A problem may be patches that are removed
> or where the message is edited. Those should be reverted first
> and committed in the new version. Which is far beyond rebase capabilities.
> But scripting can do everything...

A manual attempt shows the key problem:

let's assume that the linear-history pvrsgx consists
of patches A, B, C, D on top of some -rc1.

Now we want to cherry-pick A', B', C', D' + a new patch E'
from -rc2 to have the real differences.

This leads to a lot of empty patches which is ok and they
can easily be skipped.

But there is a problem if patch A and C touch the same
file and C reverts something introduced in A.

Then, cherry-picking A' again fails - even if it is identical
to A. We would have to revert C and A first. And then apply
A' and C' again.

This leaves a lot of revert+commit pairs which clutters
the history. git merge handles this because it tries to
apply the combined result of A', B', C', D'.

If D' is really different from D we should of course revert
D and then pick D'.

This would essentially represent the history editing done
in preparation for upstreaming in the ' branch.

A solution may be to pairwise check and skip commits.

So please give me some time to work on this.


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